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It is found in the most north part of Ethiopia, 55km north east of Axum. It is known for being the birth place of Ethiopian civilization and the first capital of Ethiopia beforeAxum. It is believed that it had been established by the South Arabian immigrants who settled in the region around 1millinium B.C years. Yeha`s single most remarkable antiquity is a well reserved stone temple that stand 12m high , consists of up to 52 layers of masonry. Some of the sandstone building blocks of the temple measure over 3m in length and are so perfectly dressed and fitted together. The temple of Yeha was dedicated to the moon god of Arabia called Allmukah. This ancient temple was also transformed to be a church in the 6th cen. The temple speaks eloquently of the works of an early high civilization of Ethiopians.


Wonchi crater lake is located on the mountain range between the town of Ambo and Woliso.This beautiful lake is situated at altitude of about 3000m above sea level.Wonchi contains hotsprings,waterfalls and breathtaking valleys and scenery.In the island, an old monastry named Cherkos is found. Beside all this Wonchi is the home of indigenous forest reserves. Wonchi is a paradise for trekkers.


Tigrai is a province which is located in the most northern part of Ethiopia. It is famous for being the home of many rock-hewn churches. There are about 120 churches scattered in places like Geralta, Tsaeda Imba, Haramat, Atsbi and Ganta Afeshum. No one knows the exact time of the construction of the Tigrai churches but most of them must have been constructed between the 4th cen – 13th). In Geralta, one can see a quarter of the rock hewn churches along with the most spectacular scenery of Mount Geralta and the far-reaching Hawzien plain. The other churches can be seen between the town of Adigrat and Mekele, the capital of Tigrai province. The main features of the Tigrai churches are inaccessible due to the security reason of the medieval time and they are generally sculpted into cliff faces or into pre-existing caves.


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